Xplor International divides memberships up into two categories; Business End User and Industry Partner/Vendor.

Xplor defines a business end user as a user of technology: those who print, mail, or distribute direct mail, bills, statements, or any other transaction document via print, web mobile or social media. Consultants, analysts and service bureaus are considered business end users as well.

An industry partner is a company that sells hardware or software to an end user customer. If your company’s objective is to present your products to the Xplor audience and their companies, you are likely considered an industry partner.

To be able to log in, please be sure you are using the correct Member’s Portal. A direct link is in your confirmation email upon joining or renewing your membership.

Here is a breakdown of each portal:

Student/Retired – If you signed up for membership and are currently/recently in college or retired, this is likely the portal you should use. The investment was $25 USD.

Associate – If you signed up at the $99 rate, this is the portal you are looking for.

Professional Individual – If you purchased membership for yourself and not for the company you work for, this is likely the portal for you to use.

Professional Company – If you purchased membership on behalf of your company and are the main point of contact with the Xplor Membership Coordinator, use this portal.

Included Professional Company – If you were added to a company membership or signed up as an included member per a colleague’s suggestion, this is the portal for you.

Vendor Company – If your company sells software, hardware, or manufactures goods, and you are the one who signed up on behalf of your company, use this portal.

Included Vendor Company – If your company sells software, hardware, or manufactures goods, and you were added to the membership by a colleague, please use this portal.

If you continue to have problems, please do not hesitate to contact Xplor HQ at +1-813-949-6170. Or please contact Xplor’s Membership Coordinator, Chad Henk, directly at Chad@xplor.org.