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For 34 years, Xplor International has been the association for the electronic document industry and has provided education, information, and networking opportunities to our members and the digital document industry.

In 2010, Xplor decided to go beyond its traditional member offerings to help promote and support the next generation of professionals in the electronic document and communications industry. The Xplor Member Scholarship program was founded to provide financial assistance to Xplor members and their families who are looking to pursue a career in the electronic document and communications industry.

Scholarship recipients are selected based on their pursuit of a career in the electronic document and communications industry, which includes all phases of document and communication creation and delivery, academic achievement, participation in school activities, and service to the community.

Each year several scholarships are awarded, and we encourage you to apply during the application period, May 1-June 30. We wish you the best of luck in your educational pursuit.

To view information about the the 2016 scholarship, please visit the scholarship website.

The 2016 Xplor Member Scholarship essay question is:

In your opinion, what challenges will companies experience when they communicate with their customers and prospects over the next 5-10 years?

Past Scholarship Winners: 2016

  • Katarina Bond, Ryerson University
  • Anthony Tamasi, University of Kentucky

Past Scholarship Winners: 2015

  • Tracy Laranjo, Ryerson University
  • Shanley Maguire, Ryerson University
  • Scott Morgan, Ryerson University
  • Jordan Williams, University of Nebraska, Omaha

Past Scholarship Winners: 2014

  • Anna Maurer, Washington University in St. Louis
  • Jordan Williams, University of Nebraska Omaha
  • Emily House, Ryerson University
  • Ethan Wald, Ontario College of Art and Design University
  • Maude Gauthier-Beaulieu, Ahuntsic College
  • Arileidy Guevera Mejia, Ahuntsic College

Past Scholarship Winners: 2013

  • John Joachim, Hamline University
  • Elizabeth Maclagan, Ryerson School of Graphics Communications Management

Past Scholarship Winners: 2012

  • Luc Faucher, Ahuntsic College
  • Jonathan McGrew, University of Colorado at Denver
  • Jillian Musto, University of Central Florida
  • Nathan Plavick, Ryerson School of Graphics Communications Management
  • Audrey Savoie, Ahuntsic College
  • Jesse Tshiyoyi, Ahuntsic College

Past Scholarship Winners: 2011

  • Ariel Collins, Colorado State University
  • Zulfikar Ghozayel, Ahuntsic College
  • John Joachim, Hamline University
  • Jonathan McGrew, University of Colorado at Denver
  • Mauricio Saborio, Ahuntsic College