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Tuesday April 14 • 8:00 AM – 8:50 AM
PANEL – Should Your Company Consider Outsourcing,
Facility Management or Insourcing?  (Oleander A)

Companies continue pushing departments to reduce costs and increase revenue. Managers are tasked with turning over every stone and considering options that, at one time, were thought to be taboo. Companies that resisted outsourcing and facilities management to help reduce costs are taking another look. Other companies are looking to insourcing in an effort to generate revenue and maximize capacity.Even if your company is not considering it today, they

may be in the future, and you need to have the answers. What is the right solution? What are some of the things to think about? Listen to those who have been there and be prepared.

Panelists: Scott Baker,  Danelle Clark,  Jerry Lazarus,  Mark Wilkes 
Moderator: Roger Gimbel 

Tuesday April 14 • 8:00 AM – 8:50 AM
Why Print? 12 Ways Paper is Better (sometimes)  (Salon C)

This isn’t a session featuring an old guy clinging desperately to the glory days of the past. Rather, we’ll have a thoughtful discussion about how, in some cases, communicating on paper is better than digital presentations. Some of those advantages benefit the sender of the message and some benefit the receiver. Xplorers are interested in helping their companies communicate in economical and effective ways. Achieving that objective includes choosing the best methods. Sometimes focusing on technological execution can cause the real goals to fade into the background. Proponents of all points of view are invited. Audience participation is welcome.

Attendee Takeaways:
1. Senders control almost all aspects of printed customer communications. Much of that control is relinquished to others in the digital world. Third parties may not place a high value on the sender’s efforts to communicate effectively with their customers and prospects.
2. Digital content is a fantastic way to communicate certain kinds of information. Compare listening to a speech or watching a video of someone doing a plumbing repair vs. reading about it in a book. But when promoting something where touch, smell, or taste is important digital can fall short. Exploiting the strength of the communication channel is what makes a difference.

Speaker: Mike Porter 

Tuesday April 14 • 9:00 AM – 9:50 AM
10 Electronic Solutions to Help Save Print & Mail  (Salon C)

Do you have a clear understanding of the consumer and business needs, current trends and changes that are affecting many large mailers today? Is electronic all it is cracked up to be? Are companies really saving money using e-delivery and online payments? With so many businesses jumping on the e-only bandwagon, how do we, as mailers, convince management of the unique value of one to one physical communication?

Learn 10 electronic solutions that are helping ensure mailing continues to be part of your communication strategy and how to answer questions from management before they ask.

Attendee Takeaways:
You will take away a clean concise understanding of newly developed technologies and how companies are using them effectively. You will find out how to present and deliver customer communications strategically while maintaining mail as an integral part of that strategy. All recipients will be provided a True Value of Print cheat sheet to enable you to intelligently answer questions from management about multi-channel and electronic solutions. You will be able to see clear value and examples of vertical markets having success with e-delivery and mailing.

Speaker: Adam Armstrong

Tuesday April 14 • 9:00 AM – 9:50 AM
PANEL – You’ve Got Mail: Is Mail Delivery Making a Comeback? (Oleander A)

With ever increasing email marketing activity, has your inbox simply become that latest junk mail depository? Recipients don’t have the time to trawl inboxes, change ISP’s, address spam and employ new filters to address changing spam methodologies. Has this made the ‘value’ of physical communications more relevant? There is more evidence and research coming to light to support the ROI for physical mail delivery despite the increases in postal costs. Are we seeing the renaissance of print? Come and join our panel as they share their thoughts on the likeliness (or unlikeliness) of the rise of mail.

Panelists: Mark Hannig,  Chris Lien,  Michael Wright
Moderator: Pat McGrew

Tuesday, April 14 – 10:00 AM -10:50 AM
PANEL – Tough New Anti-SPAM Laws and Constantly
Changing Government Regulations: Who Cares?  (Oleander A)

Our panel of experts will discuss changing regulations and requirements that are driving both postal and electronic document communications. With constantly changing regulations in virtually every vertical market, what regulations do you need to consider when communicating with your clients? Come and hear best practices in building and delivering documents, including new laws pertaining to privacy, SPAM and ‘Do Not Call’ lists.

Panelists: Scott Baker,  Mark Miller,  Nick Romano 
Moderator: Dennis Quon

Tuesday April 14 • 10:00 AM – 10:50 AM
Prepare to Fail: Why Your Teams Can’t Guide You  (Salon C)

You have hired the cream of the crop interns and new graduates with shiny degrees in IT, or MBA’s from well known educational institutions. They are up-to-date on the latest in e-delivery, social media, CRM, and marketing automation but they can’t tell you how to deliver a bill from your legacy CICS database to an archive, or how to automate tweets out of your legacy composition engine. And the people making recommendations about what solutions to buy are working with half the information you need! How do you fix it? Here’s how… and why!

Attendee Takeaways:
1. The current state of technology is a hybrid of old and new that few companies prepare their teams to manage.
2. Failure to prepare for old and new leads to decision making that often leads to half installed solutions that fail to deliver on the vendor’s promises – and it’s not their fault!

Speaker: Pat McGrew

Tuesday April 14 • 1:30 PM – 2:20 PM
PANEL – Critical Upgrades in 2015: New Skills to
Add to Your Portfolio (Oleander A)

We all get busy with our jobs and sometimes we don’t take enough time to watch what is happening around us and realize the need to improve our own skills. There are new technologies on the horizon that will impact both our industry and you as an individual. Are you ready? This panel will discuss areas of technology that are crashing into our world that are showing up in RFP requests, position descriptions, and newly planned projects. Attend this innovative session to better understand what these technologies are and how to be prepared for success.

Panelists: Sarah Mannone,  Trish Witkowski
Moderator: Pat McGrew

Tuesday April 14 • 1:30 PM – 2:20 PM
Transaction Reporting – The Future of Traditional Customer Communications  (Salon G)

What does the future of traditional print/mail services look like in the years to come? What are firms implementing today to enhance the overall customer experience, yet reduce overall operational expense? This session will cover the benefits of color, targeted messaging along with why outsourcing is more in vogue than it has been in the last 30 years.

Attendee Takeaways:
1. Learn what financial firms are exploring related to traditional print/mail services. This includes the benefits of color, targeted messaging and the value proposition related to support of outsourcing versus in-house operations.
2. Understand how traditional delivery options complement multi-channel communications platforms.

Speaker: Jerry Lazarus

Tuesday, April 14 – 2:30 PM -3:20 PM
Integrity Manufacturing: Deciphering the
Twisted Maze of Bar Codes  (Salon G)

Ensuring security is not an easy process in the health care and financial worlds with new government regulations and penalties. Merrill is a company with proven efficiency in providing integrity manufacturing for their clients with an overall accuracy rate of 99.96% or a six sigma rate of 4.84. Session attendees will gain insider knowledge into the complicated system of checks and verification from Leon Dietz, a professional with 25+ years of experience in the industry.

Attendee Takeaways: Understand the intricate web of bar codes, scanners, and validations required to ensure accuracy in document manufacturing.

Speaker: Leon Dietz

Tuesday April 14 • 2:30 PM – 3:20 PM
PANEL – Software: Build, Buy, or Both?  (Oleander A)

There is a reason the title may sound familiar…it was a session at Xploration® 14. People enjoyed it and there was so much left on the table, they asked us to bring it back in 2015. Our panel of users will discuss key considerations when making the decision to buy or lease software, as well as write your own (or do all three). Share your experiences and see what other companies are doing as software-as-a-service grows, and company resources diminish. Be prepared to get ideas and to share.

Panelists: Mark Hannig,  Dan Adler,  Danelle Clark,  Steven O’Neal
Moderator: John Sanders

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