CEU Program

Xplor Document University (XDU) Continuing Education Unit (CEU) Program

What are CEU’s?

A continuing education unit (CEU) is a nationally recognized unit of measurement for noncredit continuing education programs. It is provided in an organized continuing education experience under the sponsorship of an appropriate authority, with instruction, direction, and evaluation by qualified personnel.  The program adheres to strict guidelines designed to assure qualified educational offerings, proper documentation and reporting of accredited educational providers.

What are the benefits of a CEU?

Continuing Education Units are a means of documenting the professional development activities an organization offers.  For electronic document professionals, the CEU may be used to justify attending educational seminars and to document the learning programs in which they participate.  For individuals seeking professional certification points, and those seeking re-certification points, XDU-CEUs provide a higher point accumulation method while obtaining certified knowledge for career enhancements.

Who are the providers of Xplor’s CEU training sessions and tracks?

Through an accreditation process, content providers are required to submit an extensive application covering areas of proficiency in a subset of the Blooms Taxonomy.  This classification scheme breaks down thinking processes into six steps:  knowledge, comprehension, application, analysis, synthesis, and evaluation.

Not all courses or seminars will award CEUs.  XDU will not accept applications if the CEU workshop, conference or seminar does not meet its guidelines for providing a well-planned, well-structured and proven content for the professional development of its participants.  Only content previously presented that can be audited will be considered.  Content must specifically demonstrate industry process and business practices; anecdotal and marketing of business offerings material must be removed.

Applications to offer CEUs are based on specific programs. An organization cannot be classified as having all its programs accredited through acceptance of one program.

The exact number of CEUs is determined upon recommendation of the CEU Program Manager. If you are interested in having your program considered for CEUs, please submit the following information:

  • Program schedule, including dates and times your material was presented (provide brochure, flyer or attachment)
  • Instructor/Presenter resume or bio
  • Brief desciptions for each session

Content providers wanting to obtain XDU-CEU accreditation may contact:  Skip Henk, EDP at +1-813-949-6171 or skip@xplor.org.

Who is Eligible to Obtain an XDU-CEU?

Anyone who registers for a designated XDU-CEU program and meets the criteria for completion will be awarded the designated Continuing Education Unit (CEU) credits.

This includes:  registering, payment of applicable fees, attendance requirements and successful completion of any testing requirements associated with the program or workshop.


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