Since the release of the EDBOK, many questions have arisen from those interested in purchasing this guide. Below are a few questions that we are asked most often.

EDBOKWhat is an EDBOK?
It is the definition of the key facets of the electronic document industry. It covers every step in the lifecycle of a document, from the idea to create it to the requirement to archive it. It covers the history of the industry through the changes in technology, file formats, and delivery techniques. It looks at details like image and font formats, and big ideas like Critical Communication recovery. 

Why is the EDBOK important to our industry?
The industry as we know it today has changed dramatically from the one we understood 35 years ago. Innovations in technology, hardware, software, and people skills have resulted in the complexity of digital documents and data-driven communications that we utilize today.

The EDBOK represents the first compilation of the knowledge and expertise required to create and develop digital communications in today’s world – bills, statements, insurance policies, regulatory documentation, financial documents, and marketing communications. Never before has the collective knowledge of our industry been compiled into a single resource document, from the history of technology and processes to the current state of the industry. 

What’s in it for my company?
Delays, mistakes, increased costs, and sub-optimal solutions all occur when levels of subject knowledge and understanding are not as good as they could be. The EDBOK will help prepare every project team member by giving them an understanding of this complex domain, by offering solid information, a common terminology, and a framework for good decisions and judgement. In the end, the EDBOK can help your company become a better company.

Don’t just take our word for it, listen to what one of our purchasers said!

“In the grand scheme of things I’m still fairly new to the Xplor organization. Before joining Xplor, I had a preconceived notion of the benefits this organization would provide me. Let me say that I grossly underestimated the value this organization would bring to my career. All I can say now is ‘Boy was I wrong, why did I wait so long to join?!’

What blew me away was the amazing willingness of everyone to share their talent and knowledge. This passion was contagious and quickly led me down the path of EDP certification. When I heard that a group was spearheading an initiative to write a body of knowledge document, I was excited beyond words! I was the beneficiary of an amazing mentor during my EDP certification process. The EDBOK would be like having dozens of mentors, what an amazing resource!

I distinctly remember the day I received my copy, it was October 10th 2014. I was so excited I actually posted a picture of my new treasure to Facebook. I spent a good deal of the weekend devouring the wealth of information shared in the pages of what I now refer to as my Bible. I proudly brought my new treasure to work the following Monday to share with my coworkers. I shared it with everyone from executives to front line application developers. That day one of the directors asked to borrow it, I gladly obliged. I then spent the next week tracking my treasure down as it subsequently made its way throughout my organization. I did ultimately find my bible; it was on the desk of our VP of our product organization. As a footnote, yes, he also asked “how can I purchase a copy”?

I think my EDBOK’s tour of my organization is a wonderful testament to its value. I had no less than four people ask me where they could get a copy. I know one director ordered two copies for his organization. Regardless of what segment of our industry you support, you will learn from this book. I’ve worked in support of the print industry for 20 years, I thought I knew it all…I was wrong (yet again).   I know that many others in the industry are just like me, this isn’t just a job for them, this is our passion. Having now seen the work and effort that was put into this book, I actually find it hard to believe it isn’t being sold for more. Short of continuing to loan my copy out, the best career advice I can give is “do yourself a favor and buy your copy today.” I can promise you that it will enrich and benefit your career and professional development.”     –Darin Hochwender, EDP, First Data

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