Career EDP Certification

Electronic Document Professional (EDP)®
This certification is awarded to individuals currently working in the electronic document industry who meet the following criteria:

  • Minimum of five years of active work experience in the industry
  • Earn an equivalent of 100 education credits (post-secondary education and industry-related education)
  • Submit a portfolio of actual business examples that demonstrate and document the candidate’s capabilities
  • Accept the EDP Code of Ethics

EDP Certification Cost:

  • $50 USD Application Fee
  • $300 USD Portfolio Review Fee

Additional Considerations:

  • Review the EDP Handbook before applying for your EDP.  Download the EDP Handbook here.
  • Once earned, you must re-certify every 5 years to maintain your EDP certification.  Read about EDP Re-Certification here.

EDP Application Options:

Questions?  Please contact