Career EDP Certification

Electronic Document Professional (EDP)®
This certification is awarded to individuals currently working in the electronic document industry who meet the following four criteria:

1. Minimum of five years of active work experience in the industry
2. Earn an equivalent of 100 Certification Credits (educational and/or knowledge sharing)

  • Education credits (post-secondary education and industry-related education)
  • Knowledge sharing credits (industry-related activities such as preparing or giving an educational presentation)

3. Demonstrate competency in one of the following ways:

  • Submit a portfolio of actual business examples (see guidelines in the Xplor EDP Certification Program Handbook) which document the candidate’s capabilities -or-
  • Available beginning 7/1/24: Take the online EDP test (125 questions, 2-hour time limit) based on content found on the Xplor Wiki

4. Accept the EDP Code of Ethics

EDP Certification Cost:

  • $50 USD Application Fee
  • $300 USD Portfolio Review or Online Test Fee

Additional Considerations & Tools:

  • Learn more from this Xplor EDP Webinar:  Leveling Up in a Time of Great Change:  EDP Certification Value in Print, Mail & CCM
  • Review the Xplor EDP Certification Program Handbook before applying for your EDP.  Download the Xplor EDP Certification Program Handbook here.
  • After you review the handbook and submit your EDP Application, you will be notified when you have been officially accepted as an EDP candidate.  The next step is to determine if you will submit a portfolio of work examples or take the online certification test:
    • When you are ready to submit your portfolio of work examples, get started by using the EDP Work Example Summary Form Template.
    • If you elect to take the online test in lieu of submitting a portfolio of work examples, the EDP Commission will provide you with instructions.  The test consists of 125 questions (combination of multiple choice, true/false, and matching questions) and there is a 2-hour time limit to complete the test.
    • NOTE: The online test is available effective July 1, 2024.  As such, the Xplor EDP Certification Program Handbook does not yet reflect this option, so please bear with us as we work through the changes to the process.  Any questions can be directed to
  • Once earned, you must re-certify every 5 years to maintain your EDP certification.  Read about EDP Re-Certification here.

EDP Application Options:

Questions?  Please contact