I have a digital press now what?

Digital printing has come a long way over the last 5-10 years, with the latest and greatest being displayed at the upcoming Graph Expo, September 11-14 in Chicago.

Although feeds, speeds, quality and cost are always part of the discussion when talking about a digital press, applications and how to maximize the press has taken center stage.

Ask not how your printer does it, but what you can do with your printer!

Maximizing your investment means getting up to speed quickly, understanding themarket and exploiting every capability of your digital press. It requires information, knowledge, best practices and new ideas which can found at conferences, seminars, webinars and social networks. One idea, just one nugget, can turn a digital press from overhead to a profit center.

Take advantage of the knowledge that is out there rather than re-inventing the wheel. Even if you are doing well, you can always find new ideas to increase revenue and reduce expense.

Ideas and nuggets available at Graph Expo!

Yes, a little self promotion here, but you must admit I do not do it very often in my blog. (In fact I think this a first).

Great ideas, best practices and a bag full of nuggets are available at the Xplor at Graph Expo conference. The Xplor conference will focus on: automation, document design, document re-engineering, multi-channel delivery and new application opportunities Sessions include:

Would you spend $100, $200 or $300 to make (or save) $10k, 20K or even $100k? (Maybe a million)

Click here for more information and dig for a few nuggets.

Hope to see you in Chicago.