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2023 Summit Exhibitor

Providing equitable access to information is now paramount to the success of all organizations. However, when tasked with addressing the many aspects of accessibility—including legal requirements, compliance and the ever-growing demand for social responsibility—it’s no wonder that most organizations feel overwhelmed.

At Allyant, we believe every organization’s journey toward equitable access should be simple and seamless—eliminating the worry, stress and uncertainty often associated with accessibility. For this reason, we offer many accessibility services and software solutions, spanning print and digital document remediation services, document remediation software, and digital accessibility auditing.

In fact, our highly innovative products and services enable any organization, regardless of size, industry or location, to deliver compliant, accessible communications, helping them achieve their goals of supporting people with disabilities and ensuring equitable access to information for all.

Antenna House

2023 Member
Antenna House Logo

Antenna House is a leader in the development of document formatting software with the most powerful and proven formatting software available. Antenna House Formatter supports complex page layouts for both print and PDF outputs. It also enables users to select the stylesheet strategy, CSS or XSL-FO that best suits their web, content management and business needs.  PDF 1.3 to PDF 1.7, Tagged PDF, PDF/X, PDF/UA and PDF/A, support for both MathML and over 70 languages are all standard features. Please visit our website at and download a fully functional evaluation copy of Formatter to test with your documents.

Azuba Corporation

2023-24 Member
Azuba Corporation Logo

Since our founding in 1986, Azuba Corporation has focused on helping businesses and organizations improve their customer communications by providing Customer Communications Management (CCM) software solutions built on innovative, new technology.

Azuba Corporation has assisted customers in a variety of industries including business services, financial services, health services, higher education, insurance, public sector, and others. With over three decades in business, we have experience with many types of documents from simple documents such as letters and correspondence to more complex documents like statements or explanation of benefits (EOBs) in over 100 languages.

Azuba Corporation’s solutions provide benefits to customers including improved customer satisfaction, increased productivity, reduced IT support, reduced costs and many more.

We invite you to learn more about Azuba Corporation, our solutions, our team, our partners and our commitment to helping your business — and your customers at

2023-24 Member
BookYourData Logo is a realtime online direct email list-builder company that you can search, order and download superior accurate business email contact lists just in seconds. It gives you 100% control of what you search, what you filter, counts, pricing, any selection of job levels, job titles, job functions, industries, countries and etc. in real-time. The core difference here is our 95% email deliverability guarantee policy with Best-Price-Guarantee promise for over 170 countries direct business contacts. Visit us on the web at

Canon Solutions America, Inc. Production Print Solutions

2024 Silver Association Partner
2023 Summit Sponsor
2024-25 Member
Canon Solutions America Logo

Canon Solutions America is a leading provider of digital document technology solutions. The Océ brand has a reputation for delivering high speed, outstanding quality and rock-solid reliable production printers to some of the biggest industries and brands. From cutsheet to continuous feed, monochrome to full-color, and toner to inkjet, these scalable printing and workflow solutions are customized for your business and backed by award-winning service. As part of Canon Solutions America, we have the brightest R&D minds advancing tomorrow’s innovations to help you grow your business, control costs, and practice environmental stewardship. Whether it’s improving productivity or opening new markets and applications, we can help you be ready for the future.


2023 Summit Exhibitor
2023 Vendor Showcase Video

Conduent delivers digital business solutions and services spanning the commercial, government and transportation spectrum — creating exceptional outcomes for its clients and the millions of people who count on them. Leveraging cloud computing, artificial intelligence, machine learning, automation and advanced analytics, Conduent provides mission-critical services that add momentum to clients’ missions.

Our complete solutions for the creation, management and distribution of personalized, transaction-based outbound communications are delivered through both emerging and traditional channels, enabled by the latest technology and our highly secure global operations to create a seamless customer experience.

Content Critical Solutions, Inc.

2023 Summit Exhibitor
2023 Vendor Showcase Video

For over 100 years Content Critical Solutions has supported clients with printing, packaging and mailing services. Over the past few years, we dramatically redefined our business profile without losing touch with that legacy.

A leading provider of mission-critical business communications services, Content Critical Solutions provides comprehensive custom solutions for transaction processing, including content management, compliance messaging and reporting solutions. CCS also offers a wide array of professional services such as website marketing portals, customer retention programs, IT custom solutions, inventory management, digital document archives, mailing, warehousing, database management and Customer Communication Management as a Hosted Managed Service.

Crawford Technologies, Inc.

2023-24 Gold Association Partner
2023 Summit Sponsor & Exhibitor
2023 Vendor Showcase Video
2023-24 Member
Crawford Technologies Logo

Let Crawford Technologies help you improve your customer communication management and delivery. With the most advanced, low-code print automation platform, we make communication easier.

Our tools give you real-time visibility, insight, and control. Use them to optimize your workflows and drive results. Then you can plan every step of your automation, operation management, and document tracking process.

Plus, go the extra mile with market-leading innovations in document accessibility. These let you provide the best possible experience for your customers.


2023-24 Member
CSG Logo

CSG simplifies the complexity of business by delivering innovative customer engagement solutions that help companies acquire, monetize, engage and retain customers. Operating across more than 120 countries worldwide, CSG manages billions of critical customer interactions annually, and its award-winning suite of software and services empower companies to tackle their biggest business challenges and thrive in an ever-changing marketplace. CSG is the trusted provider for driving digital innovation for hundreds of leading global brands.

The Document Institute

Industry Partner
Document Institute Logo

In the high-volume personalized customer communication management (CCM) space, The Document Institute is #1 at increasing business productivity and efficiency through identifying opportunities and implementing change.

We use our decades of global experience within the document, printing, and mailing industries, to highlight efficiencies and deficiencies in the personalized customer communication workflows and help to transform these processes and the documents they create.

The Document Institute partners with various hardware and software vendors, industry associations, and is the Australasian representative for acadami. We offer a wide range of consulting products and services – including our Performance Audit and Output Advisory Services – as well as internationally endorsed standard and custom education offerings.


2023-24 MemberDoxim logo


Doxim is the customer communications and engagement technology leader serving financial and regulated industries. Our platform with its suite of integrated, SaaS software and document technology solutions helps clients digitize operations, improve efficiency, and modernize customer experience. With Doxim, clients can communicate reliably and effectively, improve cross-sell and upsell opportunities, and drive increased loyalty and wallet share through personalized omnichannel communications.

Doxim is proud to work with over 2,000 clients who benefit from our customer communications management and customer engagement solutions. We continue investing in innovation to help our clients be successful on their journey to digital transformation.

For financial services, we offer all solutions of the Doxim Customer Engagement Platform – our SaaS engagement software and our CCM technology. Our clients in healthcare, utilities, insurance, telecommunications, and government partner with Doxim to optimize their customer communications to serve their customers better.


2023 Summit Exhibitor
2023 Vendor Showcase Video
FCI Logo

FCI is a leading global provider of Customer Experience Management (CXM) solutions for enterprises across industries. Managing over 2.5 billion personalized interactions annually, FCI offers an integrated CX platform – Varta, and Quadient Inspire Services to redefine the customer experience.

Our cutting-edge software and deep industry expertise empower organizations to streamline recurring service communication processes via hyper-personalized messaging across channels, in-video interaction, automated workflows, and real-time customer insights. We are trusted by top global brands in the insurance, financial services, and utility sectors.

Gimbel & Associates

2024 Platinum Association Partner
2023 Summit Sponsor & Exhibitor
2023 Vendor Showcase Video
2024-25 Member
Gimbel & Associates Logo

Gimbel & Associates is an international management consulting firm working to ignite business growth through digital technologies. As an independent company, we offer clients customized consulting services. With our extensive background in print services, print production, digital, marketing communications, sales training, and direct marketing, we help our clients accomplish their growth and efficiency goals. Visit us online at

Macrosoft Inc.

2023 Summit Exhibitor
2023 Vendor Showcase Video
2024-25 Member

Macrosoft has become one of the largest implementation and delivery partners to Quadient with our multiple certifications and our long-standing partnership. Macrosoft currently has many active Quadient certified developers. Our continued expertise with Quadient has allowed us to deliver Quadient-based complex business solutions around the globe. With our multiple certifications, the Macrosoft team of Quadient experts have successfully developed and implemented custom Quadient-based solutions. We have seamlessly completed thousands of forms, templates, letters, and other communications for clients. We have done this while achieving high levels of quality and responsiveness with lower total costs.

Madison Advisors

2024-25 Member
Madison Advisors Logo

Madison Advisors exists to advance the print and electronic communications objectives of Fortune 1000 companies by providing thought leadership, strategic consulting and market research. Madison Advisors specializes in offering context-specific guidance for a range of content delivery strategies, particularly those addressing enterprise output technologies and customer communications. Madison Advisors directly helps our clients achieve very hard and specific return on investment (ROI) related to their print and electronic communication initiatives. Madison Advisors offers services and expertise primarily through short-term, high-impact consulting services. With no-nonsense, quick engagements (measurable in days or weeks, not months), Madison Advisors directly helps our clients with customer communication technologies including enterprise output management, content management, customer relationship management, e-billing, and infrastructure technology.


2023 Summit Sponsor & Exhibitor
2023-24 Member
Messagepoint Logo

Messagepoint is a leading provider of customer communications management software.  Only Messagepoint harnesses AI-powered Content Intelligence to automate and simplify the process of migrating, optimizing, authoring and managing complex customer communications for non-technical (business) users. Our customers rely on our award-winning platform to consistently deliver exceptional, highly personalized customer communications across all platforms and channels. For more information, visit


2023 Summit Exhibitor
MHC Logo

To navigate industries ruled by disruption, we empower your people to stay flexible in the face of evolving expectations. To ensure frictionless, intuitive communications, we enable teams to automate critical details with care and precision.

Embracing change requires courage, plus a partner who supports your vision with solutions that rise to the challenges of tomorrow. At MHC, the future isn’t on the way, it’s already here – and we’re ready to lead through it with you.


2023-24 Member
OpenText Logo


OpenText Exstream brings all customer communications under one solution for a more secure, cost-effective, efficient, and reliable result that is trusted by many of the largest brands in the world. As part of the OpenText Experience Platform, Exstream can be easily interconnected with other powerful solutions (WCM, CDP, CRM, Call Center, Omnichannel Messaging, etc.) to become even more powerful and useful across the entire customer journey. Exstream scales to fit the needs of any department or complex enterprise environment and speeds key business processes with accelerator packages offering easy integration with core systems.

Papyrus Software

2023 Summit Exhibitor
2023 Vendor Showcase Video
2023-24 Member
Papyrus Software Logo

Papyrus Software delivers innovative cross-industry enterprise software to the world’s leading brands. Over 30 years of experience make us a global expert in implementing process optimization integrated with inbound and outbound communication channels in customer-centric environments.  Papyrus delivers a holistic approach, with solutions for the entire Customer Engagement Circle with integrated content services and AI-powered process and case management in a unified platform. Business users get their work done faster by using the Business Designer to create and improve customer-centric communications and its processes for real-time omni-channel communications for digital and traditional business.

PDF Association

Industry Partner
PDF Association Logo

Founded in 2006 as the PDF/A Competence Center, the PDF Association exists to promote the adoption and implementation of International Standards for PDF technology.

Developers use the PDF Association to share knowledge and experience with PDF technology and to develop best-practices for its implementation.  Decision-makers use the PDF Association to learn about the role and capabilities of PDF and PDF’s subset standards in ECM and other electronic document applications.  End users benefit from improved reliability, quality, functionality and interoperability in their experience of electronic documents.

Printing Impressions Group of NAPCO

Industry Partner
Printing Impressions Logo

The Printing Impressions Group serves the commercial printer (Printing Impressions), in-plant (In-Plant Graphics), and packaging (packagePrinting) markets. Our three brands provide authoritative coverage on industry trends, emerging technologies and the news behind the news in their respective markets. For additional information, please visit our website.


2023-24 Gold Association Partner
2023 Summit Sponsor & Exhibitor
2023-24 Member
Quadient Logo

Quadient is the driving force behind the world’s most meaningful customer experiences. By focusing on Intelligent Communication Automation, Parcel Locker Solutions and Mail-Related Solutions, Quadient helps hundreds of thousands of customers worldwide simplify the connection between people and what matters.

Quadient Inspire helps companies create nimble, effective, and unified customer communications for all digital and print channels, managed from a single, central platform with simple drag and drop layout design, to deliver a complete omnichannel customer experience that spans the entire customer journey.

Quantre Solutions

2023-24 Silver Association Partner
2024-25 Member
Quantre Solutions Logo

Quantre Solutions offers consulting and services for enterprises and customer communications service providers. Quantre values providing independent advocacy for enterprise customers and supporting the industry’s top service providers’ client onboarding consulting for over 15 years. Quantre assists with service provider presales strategy consulting, modernizing enterprise customer communications management workflow solutions, enhancing customers’ digital experiences, and optimizing CCM operational costs.

Quantre introduced CxStrategizer, a presale analysis tool for CCM/CXM service providers in 2023. This tool helps reduce implementation and migration timelines, enhances customer experiences, and accelerates the time-to-market. CxStrategizer supports the industry trend of accelerating client onboarding through workflow automation and self-service analysis tools. Quantre noticed a gap in the market and developed a tool that doesn’t compete with existing content and composition management solutions. Instead, it validates the best strategy for an enterprise’s communications before investing in the transformation and migration to the service provider.

Visit to learn about Quantre and our certified Xplor EDP professionals.


2023 Summit Sponsor & Exhibitor
RenderX Logo

RenderX, the recognized industry leader for software used for standards-based typeset-quality electronic and print output of business content, provides both standalone software products as well as integrated components into larger business solutions, all based on XEP — our original commercial engine.

RenderX’s patented technology is used by thousands of organizations worldwide to deliver dynamic documents in high volume to their customers, partners and employees. Committed to open standards and quality software components, RenderX helps companies to achieve efficiency, cost savings and quick return on investment.

Smart Communications

2023-24 Silver Association Partner
2023 Summit Sponsor & Exhibitor
 Smart Communications Logo

Smart Communications provides the platform that leading organizations trust to deliver personalized, consistent and compliant conversations across all touchpoints and channels. The Conversation Cloud™ consists of SmartCOMM™ for enterprise-scale customer communications, SmartIQ™ for digital forms transformation, and SmartDX™ for trade documentation. Over 650 enterprise organizations across the globe rely on Smart Communications to simplify and automate complex processes and deliver highly secure, frictionless experiences across the customer lifecycle. To learn more, visit

Solimar Systems, Inc.

2023-24 Silver Association Partner
2023 Summit Sponsor & Exhibitor
2024-25 Member
Solimar Systems Logo

Solimar Systems enables organizations around the globe to onboard, make ready, enhance, manage and deliver print and digital communications. Commonly known as workflow software, our Chemistry™ platform optimizes and drives a variety of print and electronic requirements including transactional and direct mail printing, commercial print, carton converting and flexible packaging, labels, textiles and wide format. Solimar universally works with all types of existing and proposed software and hardware solutions. Our work-with-all nature creates the opportunity for significant ROI proven by our worldwide customer case studies and testimonials.