Xplor corporate memberships encompass both business end users and industry partners (vendors) as defined below.  (Refer to the Member Benefits page for specific entitlements.)

  • Xplor defines a business end user as a user of technology.  Those who print, mail or distribute transactional documents via print, the web, social media or mobile, using one or more channels.  This includes in-house operations, commercial enterprises and service bureaus.  Consultants and analysts are considered business users as well.
  • An industry partner (vendor) is a company that sells hardware, software and/or services to an end user customer.

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Student/Retired ($25):  This membership type is available to 1) undergraduate or graduate students who are enrolled full-time in school, 2) recent graduates (within one year of graduation date), or 3) retired industry professionals who want to stay current with the industry, mentor a young professional, volunteer service to the association, and/or keep in touch with Xplor friends made throughout their career.  Any employment by a retiree must be outside the industry.  Consultants do not qualify for this type of membership. 

Professional Individual ($99):  This membership level covers a single person and stays with the individual, regardless of the company, for the one-year term of the membership.

Professional Company ($895):  This membership level is for an organization or company.  An unlimited number of employees can be added to the membership, and unlike the Professional Individual membership, the included Professional Company members can be updated throughout the duration of the membership year.  The membership does not follow an individual.  If you have more than four people who would take advantage of Xplor benefits, this option is the best value.

Vendor Company ($895):  This membership level is for our industry partners (vendors).  Vendor Company members receive a listing and 3-5 minute video post in our Industry Partner Directory and may submit up to two articles for publication in E-Document News over the duration of their annual membership.  The membership provides an unlimited number of company employees with access to membership benefits, and the included Vendor Company members can be updated throughout the duration of the membership year.  The membership does not follow an individual.

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