Events Xploration Tour

The 2019 Xploration Tour has concluded.
The 2020 schedule is coming soon!

About the Xploration Tour
The 2019 Tour will focus on the best practices and technologies that drive Customer Communications and feature speakers who will share their experiences and expertise in creating effective and efficient communications.

Each event will begin with an industry overview which will provide a baseline for the event, focusing on the current state of the industry. Additional sessions will focus on best practices and technologies, as speakers share their thoughts on why CCM is important, how companies can get started, and how they can implement a CCM strategy. Each tour event includes lunch, courtesy of the event sponsors, and will wrap up with a panel of the day’s speakers.

Each one-day event features:

  • Industry Overview
  • Two or Three Educational Sessions
  • Two or Three Sponsor Snapshots
  • Lunch
  • Closing Panel
  • Facility Tour (if applicable)

Whether your company already has or is looking to implement and/or enhance your CCM strategy, this program will provide insight and direction.

The Xploration Tour is a joint venture with the Xplor USA & Xplor Canada Regions and is designed to provide educational programming, information and networking opportunities to our members as well as industry professionals across North America.  This is a great opportunity to spend a day networking and learning about the latest trends and best practices in Customer Communications Management. Be sure to view Xplor’s YouTube Channel for videos of past events.

The Xploration® Tour is different from any other “local” programming Xplor has done in the past:

  • Meetings are being conducted at customer / enterprise locations throughout the United States with most including a facility tour.
  • Attendees like “real world” presentations and each agenda is focusing on enterprise user presentations and/or case studies.
  • Sessions will be recorded and posted on the Xplor website as well as be distributed via E-Document News