TRANSPROMO Using Video: Deliver Marketing Messages and Increase Revenue with Personalized Video

Why is video more important now than ever before? How can the transactional printing industry USE video?

Digital customer journeys have a key glaring gap; providing personalized education for each and every customer to help them progress with confidence in choosing their financial products. Using a combination of real-time interactivity, math and logic processing, and visual storytelling, customers can make better financial decisions at all points in the customer journey.

Essential customer communications, such as statements and bills, can be the most successful — and cost-effective — way to deliver marketing messages and increase revenue. You all know that.

But how many of your customers are including video to reach out to their audience? BlueRush based in Toronto and Montreal, is a leader in video marketing and customer communications, and leading the conversation at Xplor Canada’s July 2021 Virtual Meet Up on Thursday, July 22, at 4pm.

Join us, ask questions, and participate in the conversation – at this month’s Xplor Canada virtual meetup. We will discuss:

  • Leveraging video within customer communications
  • How to use highly personalized video
  • Best practices for using video to engage customers

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