Outsourcing Print: Inevitable or Avoidable?

Title:  Outsourcing Print: Inevitable or Avoidable? 
:  Evolving Trends
Date/Time:  Wednesday April 6th – 3:00pm to 3:50pm
Room: Bonaire 1
Presenter: Gina Ferrara

Changes are happening with the in-plant transactional print and mail market due to a number of competitive constraints: advancing technology, excess capacity, and significant pressure to reduce costs. Innovative companies have engaged various strategies to address these issues with varying degrees of success. Is finding the right decision for your organization difficult? Come learn what has and hasn’t worked for our clients and the reasons why as we cover trends in in-plant technology, the six converging factors that create “the perfect storm” which drive in-plants to radically improve, or prepare to outsource their print.

Attendee Takeaways:

  1. Factors to consider in making the decision to outsource print, or keep in house.
  2. Which factors (beyond cost) that drive decision making and how to avoid mistakes in addressing technology selection, in-sourcing of third party work.
  3. How to best prepare your organization for the future of transactional print and maximize your value and contribution to your organization.
  4. A success strategy to prepare for and defend against the outsourcing conversation.