Career EDP Re-Certification

EDP Re-Certification
Due to ever-changing technology and human behavior, it is imperative to remain current in the electronic document industry. To retain your status as an EDP or M-EDP, you must re-certify every five years and meet the following criteria:

  • Earn 150 re-certification credits (at least 50 each in Education and Knowledge Sharing)
  • Accept the EDP Code of Ethics

EDP Re-Certification Cost:

  • $125 USD (equivalent to $25 USD per year)

Additional Information & Tools:

  • Review the Xplor EDP Certification Program Handbook before applying for your EDP Re-Certification.  Download the Xplor EDP Certification Program Handbook here.
  • The Xplor EDP Certification Program Handbook contains information on the following:
    • Granting Re-Certification
    • Awarding Re-Certification Credits
    • Re-Certification Credit Tracking
    • Review Appendix G for a list of Certification Credits
  • Use our EDP Re-Certification Site or our Excel credit-tracking document to track and save your credits during your 5-year re-certification period. 
    • If you use the EDP Re-Certification Site, you can update and save your data directly in your record on the site. 
    • If you use the Excel document, you will need to save it to your personal computer and then make updates and save changes to the document on your computer.  When you submit your re-certification application (see the re-certification site link below), you will be able to upload your completed Excel credit-tracking document in lieu of listing your Certification Credits on the online application. 

EDP Re-Certification Application:

  • Use our EDP Re-Certification Site to submit the credits you’ve been tracking along with your online re-certification application and fee at the end of your 5-year re-certification period.

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