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May 21 – Cyberattack forces major US health care network to divert ambulances from hospitals

May 7 – Microsoft’s CEO Tells Staff to Make Cybersecurity Top Priority

April 23 – Meta adds its AI chatbot to the search bar across its apps

April 9 – AT&T says personal data from 73 million current and former account holders leaked onto dark web

March 26 – Massive changes coming to Google Chrome threaten to reshape the modern internet

March 12 – Bitcoin is about to undergo another ‘halving’ event — here’s what that means

February 27 – AT&T Customers to Get Billing Credit After Wireless Outage

February 13 – AI Is Driving More Layoffs Than Companies Want to Admit

January 30 – The generative AI smartphone age is here

January 16 – 2024 is ‘All About the Data’ and Transformational Opportunities

January 2 – AI’s future is in the hands of the courts


December 5 – Microsoft’s Seeing AI app for low-vision and blind users comes to Android

November 21 – U.S. Postal Service Reports $6.5B Fiscal Year 2023 Loss

November 7 – Elon Musk Debuts AI Bot to Challenge ChatGPT

October 24 – Microsoft Outlook will soon write emails for you

October 11 – U.S. Postal Service Seeks to Raise Stamp Prices for Third Time in a Year

September 26 – Amazon invests up to $4 billion in Anthropic AI

September 12 – How to Easily Add Mobile Technology to Print Projects

August 29 – Paper or Digital? U.S. Consumers Want the Right to Choose

August 15 – USPS Reports 1.7B Net Loss for Q3

August 1 – No, AI isn’t likely to destroy white-collar jobs

July 18 – Augmented Reality Transforms Press Repairs

July 5 – AI is already linked to layoffs in the industry that created it

June 21 – Europe is leading the race to regulate AI

June 6 – Consumers’ Preference for Print Media Shows Post-Pandemic Gains

May 23 – Amazon Plans to Add ChatGPT-Style Search to Its Online Store

May 9 – AI Is the Hot Topic on Earnings Calls This Quarter

April 25 – The Importance of a Good Communication Design

April 11 – Five Trends Your Customers Are Watching

March 28 – Big tech and the pursuit of AI dominance

March 14 – Lowe’s is testing 400-pound autonomous robots to patrol parking lots

February 28 – Increase Direct Mail Response with Behavioral Science

February 14 – Artificial intelligence’s dirty secret

January 31 – AI Chatbot Passes Elite Business School Exam

January 17 – ChatGPT and generative AI look like tech’s next boom.

January 4 – Seven Marketing Shifts for 2023


December 6 – Is Display Advertising Dead?

November 22 – Twitter Advertising is Dead. Long Live Print!

November 8 – Toner Versus Inkjet- Is the Score Settled?

October 25 – The price of stamps is going up – again.

October 12 – USPS Submits Filing for January 2023 Price Increase

September 27 – The Possibility of a UPS Strike Looms Over 2023

September 13 – State of the Industry Update Reveals Economic Impact of Supply Chain Disruptions and Inflation

August 16 – USPS seeks to hike stamp prices again

August 2 – ‘De-printing’ tech featured in BBC documentary

July 19 – Xplor International Founder, Keith Davidson, Passes Away at Age 85

July 5 – Printing Profits: Back to Pre-Pandemic Levels

June 21 – Microsoft retires Internet Explorer

June 7 – Checking Back in on the Paper Supply Shortage Impacting Printers

May 24 – USPS To Hike Stamp Prices in July

May 10 – USPS Reports Q2 2022 $1.7B Loss, Despite 15.9% Increase in Marketing Mail Revenue

April 26 – Printing Companies Share Their Experiences With Paper Shortages and What They’re Doing in Response

April 12 – Paper Shortages: What’s Behind the Problem and What Can We Do?

March 29 – How Direct Mail Automation Is Driving the Printing Industry

March 15 – The US Dollar Could Go Digital

March 2 – Steve Wozniak’s new venture takes aim at space junk

February 15 – What the USPS overhaul bill means for you

February 1 – The IRS website will soon require facial recognition to log in

January 18 – Key Ways for Printers to Excel in 2022

January 4 – Supply Chain Disruptions, Labor Shortages Expected in 2022


December 7 – 9 Proven Strategies Powering Wide-Format Sales

November 9 – Facebook is shutting down its facial recognition software

October 26 -Top 5 Trends in Wide-Format for 2021

October 12 – Print-Based Learning Remains Important in Today’s Classroom

September 28 – U.S. Paper Industry and Paper Recycling Remain Resilient During Pandemic

September 14 – Print Sales and Both Indicator Indexes Accelerate

August 31 – Inkjet Printers Market Forecasted to Reach a Value of Around US$ 53 Bn by 2027

August 17 – US Postal Service Proposes Hiking Shipping Rates During Holiday Season

August 3 – QR Codes Are Fueling the Growth of Augmented Reality

July 20 – Microsoft is bringing back Clippy

July 6 – A nanofiber membrane could help solve the drinking water crisis

June 8 – USPS to raise stamp price to 58 cents

May 25 –  Microsoft is finally getting rid of its most-hated product

May 11 – IRS employees say ‘out of ink’ printers are delaying tax returns

April 27 – Wearable electronic skin could monitor your health

April 13 – Domino’s is launching a pizza delivery robot car

March 30 – USPS Releases 10-Year Strategic Plan

March 16 – Companies on alert after hack of cloud-based security camera

March 4 – Printing Outlook 2021 Quick Look – 2020 Revenues

February 16 – Maryland becomes first state to tax digital advertising

February 2 – Google threatens to shut down search in Australia

January 19 – The Question – Temporary or Permanent?

January 5 – Drone delivery one step closer to reality with new FAA rules


December 8 – ‘Zoom Santas’ Are Cashing In

November 24 – Three Ideas for Prospecting Print Sales in 2021

November 11 – Print Industries Wage + Benefits 2020 Report Released

October 27 – Innovation in a Virtual Space

October 13 – The Eagles and a Local Printing Partner are Selling Fan Cutouts for Charity

September 29 – Suspected ransomware attack hits one of the largest hospital networks in the US

September 15 – Inkjet Printing Industry Remains Resilient During Pandemic

September 1 – Market Trends Drive Inkjet Adoption

August 18 – Do Masks make you Invisible to Facial Recognition?

August 4 – #XPLOR20 is Going Virtual

July 21 – How the Internet Got me into Snail Mail

July 7 – How Printers are Navigating the Coronavirus Pandemic

June 23 – CCM Seeing Little Impact Through COVID-19 Pandemic

June 9 – Restarting the Economy: What Printers Can Expect

May 26 – USPS Board Names New Postmaster General

May 12 – USPS Financial Losses Are Largest in a Decade

April 28 – Xerox to Manufacture Hospital-Grade Sanitizer in U.S. and Canada

April 14 – Can 3D Printed Face Masks Help the Limited Medical Supply?

March 31 – Evaluating the Total Cost of Inkjet Printing

March 17 – Drupa Postponed to April 2021

March 3 – Check Out These Augmented Reality Branded Cupcakes

February 18 – You can make your own rotary cellphone

February 4 – Inventor of the laser printer dies at 81

January 21 – Google CEO calls for ‘sensible regulation’ of AI

January 7 – Oral-B thinks AI toothbrush can clean your teeth better than you


November 12 – 6 Reasons Why Print Marketing Is Thriving

October 29 – Print Buyers’ Revenues

October 1 – U.N. postal union clinches deal to keep U.S. in club

September 27 – 5 Messaging Tricks to Drive Direct Mail Response

September 3 – Never do these 2 things because ‘that’s 98% of me stealing your identity’

August 20 – Brain-controlled VR lightshows could lull you to sleep

August 6 – Why is TransPromo Hot Again?

July 23 – Elon Musk hopes to put a computer chip in your brain

July 9 – Printing Industry Profits – What Goes Up…

June 25 – Amazon Is Expanding Printing Capacity for Its Booming OnDemand Apparel and Merchandise Service

June 13 – Why rivals Microsoft and Oracle are teaming up to take on Amazon

May 28 – Researchers can now use AI and a photo to make fake videos of anyone

May 14 – Facebook is getting ready for a potential $3B-$5B fine from the FTC

April 16 – Amazon employs thousands of people to listen to your Alexa conversations

April 2 – Do Customers Trust Your Tech? A Look at Technology and Data Protection

March 19 – Printing Outlook 2019—Has the Industry Turned a Corner?

March 5 – There is no such thing as a Printing Industry

February 19 – Gen Z Marketing Madness – What Was Old is New Again!

February 5 – Top 25 Hottest Markets for Print Demand in 2019-2020

January 22 – Facebook’s ’10 Year Challenge’ is just a Harmless Meme, Right?

January 8 – AI Technology Can Identify Genetic Diseases by Looking at Your Face


December 11 – Payless Opened a Fake Luxury Store to See How Much People Would Pay for $20 Shoes

November 27 – New Study Shows Students Learn More Effectively from Print Textbooks than Screens

November 13 – Amazon is offering 50 percent cheaper shipping than UPS for some sellers

October 30 – Segway was supposed to change the world. Two decades later, it just might.

October 16 – USPS Seeks Record Price Hike

October 2 – Uber Agrees to Pay $148 Million in Nationwide Settlement

September 19 – Canadian postal strike or lockout possible by September 26

September 5 – This Labor Day Thank Canada and the Print Industry For Your Day Off!

August 21 – How Facebook — yes, Facebook — might make MRIs faster

August 7 – West Virginia Introduces Mobile Voting for Midterm Elections

July 24: Company Prints a Car with 3D Printer

July 10 – Facebook is Bringing Augmented Reality Ads to the News Feed

June 26 – Amazon’s New Marriott Partnership Could Transform Your Hotel Stay

June 12 – A New Approach to Cybersecurity – Let the Hackers In

May 29 – Digital License Plates Tested in California

May 15 – Are Higher Postal Rates on the Horizon?

May 1 – The First New 3D Printer Technology in Years

April 25 – LSEV 3D-printed electric car set for mass production

April 3 – Zombies Rise on The Walking Dead Augmented Reality Wine Labels

March 20 – The Father of the World Wide Web is One Disappointed Dad

March 6 – The banana phone is back! There’s a new Nokia 8110

February 20 – Plans Drawn up for World’s Tallest Wooden Skyscraper

February 6 – SpaceX is about to launch the world’s most powerful rocket

January 23 – Amazon to Open Checkout-Free Store in Seattle

January 9 – Amazon’s Alexa May Give Voice to Targeted Marketing


December 19 – Billionaires Battle over Supersonic Transportation

December 5 – Twelve-year-old Creates his Own 3D Printer

November 21 – 5 Apps to help you find the best Black Friday deals

November 7 – A seven-year-old with a 3D-printed hand threw out the first pitch of World Series Game 4

October 24 – KFC Only Follows 11 People on Twitter. You’ll think it’s Genius when you find out Why!

October 10 – 2018 Print Forecast: Paper Prices & Postal Rates Will Rise

September 26 – Print’s Interactive Potential

September 12 – Print 17 News Special

August 29 – Creating an Omni-Channel Marketing Business Model

August 15 – Life After the Customer Purchase Journey

August 1 – What You Can Expect at Print 17

July 18 – Who Printed the First Declaration of Independence?

July 4 – 2017 Survey Says Print Buyers Need Time and Have Money

June 20 – The Bigger Your Data Gets the Smarter it Needs to Become

June 6 – Global Study: Most People Highly Value Paper and Print

May 23 – U.S. Postal Service $562M Q2 Net Loss Blamed on Exigent Surcharge Expiration

May 9 – Manage Your PDF Documents – Balancing Quality and Size

April 25 – Print is the “New Media” at ISA Sign Expo

April 12 – IBM Study Finds Most People are Disappointed with Digital Brand Experiences 

March 28 – 2017 Print Buyer Survey Says…

March 14 – Study Shows Where the Spending Is

February 28 – Snuggle’s Love for Customized Content Drives Engagement in Valentine’s Day Campaign

February 14 – 2017 Print Buyer Survey Results Are In

January 31 – Denmark will get World’s First Tech Ambassador

January 17 – Sprint Uses Direct Mail to Regain Customers

January 3 – Highlights from 2016