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Xplor International divides memberships up into two categories; Business End User and Industry Partner/Vendor.

Xplor defines a business end user as a user of technology: those who print, mail, or distribute direct mail, bills, statements, or any other transaction document via print, web, mobile or social media. Consultants, analysts and service bureaus are considered business end users as well.

An industry partner is a company that sells hardware or software to an end user customer. If your company’s objective is to present your products to the Xplor audience and their companies, you are likely considered an industry partner.

All members have access to a single portal, but company members who did not purchase the membership originally should communicate with the membership primary prior to renewing on their own. 

If you have any problems, please do not hesitate to contact Xplor HQ at +1-813-949-6170 or


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