Career EDP Certification

A Brief History

Launched in 1989, the Electronic Document Printing Professional (EDPP) program was created to recognize those in the industry as subject matter experts. Regulated by the EDPP Commission, the first class in 1990 consisted of eleven individuals receiving their EDPP certification. Due to the ever-evolving industry, the EDPP program dropped ‘Printing’ in 1997 and simply named the program Electronic Document Professional (EDP)®. In 2009, the EDP Commission added the Electronic Document Associate (EDA) and Master Electronic Document Professional (M-EDP) designations to the program; an entry-level and industry veteran designations, respectively. Adding the two designations allowed for a clear path in the EDP Program that recognized individuals from the beginning to the pinnacle of an individual’s career.

new_EDP_logoWhat is the EDP Program?

Electronic Document Professional (EDP)® is an industry designation awarded to qualified individuals who have demonstrated broad knowledge of and experience in digital communications – whether in print, over internal networks, or online – from document creation to distribution.

Turning electronic documents, the heart of modern corporate communications, into effective communications is the work of professionals. EDP certification ensures that the recipient has demonstrated excellence by a thorough examination of his or her work, business ethics, and overall contributions to the industry through a rigorous evaluation process.

The top-ranked benefits cited by EDP-designated professionals include:

  • Recognition and respect by industry peers
  • Personal sense of accomplishment and validation of expertise
  • Career-based credibility as an individual and for a company with demonstrated credentials
  • Belonging to a networked community of subject matter experts
  • Incentive for continued education and knowledge sharing

The EDP program has three levels. 

EDA 2x3ft

Electronic Document Associate (EDA)

Electronic Document Professional (EDP)®

Master Electronic Document Professional (M-EDP)



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