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The Limited Member program is a complimentary member status for individuals who are new to the industry and would like to find out more about Xplor International before becoming paid members.

Benefits are inclusive of communication from Xplor, mainly via email. You may select which communications you would like to receive upon sign-up.

Click Here to Sign Up For a Complimentary Limited Membership!

The registration page will ask you which Limited Member Type you are. Please keep in mind the following:

  • Xplor defines a business end user as a user of technology. Those who print, mail, or distribute transactional documents via print, the web, social media or mobile, using one or more channels.  This includes in-house operations and commercial enterprises, as well as service bureaus.  Consultants and analysts are considered business users as well.
  • An industry partner (vendor) is a company that sells hardware, software and/or services to an end user customer.

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