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Wednesday, January 29th – 1pm ET 
The Art of Simplexity: When simple solutions are not enough and complex solutions are too much – Sponsored by Racami
The sweet sound of simplicity makes us feel like everything’s going to be okay. That we are making good choices because simple is better than complex, but the reality is complex problems are rarely solved with simple solutions. In fact, the accumulation of a bunch of simple solutions can put you in a more difficult situation. On the flip side, nobody really wants to deal with big gnarly projects that have a high risk of failing… for more info or to register, click here.

Wednesday, February 26th – 1pm ET 
Technology Madness – Sponsored by Quadient
As the madness in March is about to start, let’s fill out a bracket. But, let’s make a bracket that matters to us. Many of us have found ourselves in charge of communicating with customers at scale across an increasing variety of channels. But, we also find ourselves in charge of a complex technology stack that designs, integrates, delivers, processes and archives customer communications. As communication champions, we make it work, but will it work forever? Let’s get into the stats and fill out our brackets! For more info or to register, click here.