Xplor International is a not-for-profit association dedicated to the education, evolution, and success of the Customer Communications Management (CCM) industry.  Our members design, produce, implement, deliver and manage high-volume, highly regulated and highly personalized communications across all channels and in all formats.

Xplor’s mission is to provide the education and resources necessary for the development of engaging customer communications.

We enhance organizational success and advance the careers of our members by providing research, analyst access, industry certification, professional development, and educator guidance.  Global members benefit from our in-person annual conference, virtual events, and networking opportunities.

Xplor International has its worldwide headquarters in Lutz, Florida, chapters in the US and Canada, and active membership across the globe.

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As both an exhibitor and presenter over the past few years we continue to see value in participating and supporting XPLOR.  The educational sessions provide insight from a variety of different perspectives as well as giving Broadridge the opportunity to showcase some of our service offerings.  Attendance at XPLOR continues to grow and we have had a chance to meet prospects we never would have had the opportunity to solicit along with networking amongst our peers which is always an added benefit.

When I suddenly needed a printer in Australia to print financial guides for an international client, I turned to Xplor for help. Within 2 days of my initial call, Xplor recommended a top-quality printer who promptly responded to my request for a bid. Xplor is definitely my go-to organization when it comes to locating quality printing resources.

As a first time attendee I appreciated the numerous networking opportunities and the convivial atmosphere.  The educational sessions were excellent.  As a Project Manager I look forward to applying these insights and additional practical knowledge to future projects.

Xploration continues to be the CCM networking event of the year. It’s just the right size and relaxed setting to stimulate great conversation and make new industry contacts. If you feel totally overwhelmed by other industry conferences (Graph Expo, etc.), Xploration is the best option!

After sixteen years of involvement with the Xplor organization as a vendor, member, and volunteer, I know that at no other time in my life have I felt such a sense of community. The incredible benefit of being a part of a professional family that forges lifelong friendships, the encouragement to succeed, and commitment to help others, is priceless.

There are many benefits to being an Xplor member. One that stands out for me is the scholarship program. The value of an Xplor scholarship has been key in my plan to attain greater personal and professional goals. I would encourage all members to consider applying for this wonderful benefit.