How to Personalize Your Customer Communications

Submitted by Alexandra Truchot, Content Creation Specialist for Objectif Lune.
June 13, 2016

Personalizing customer communications continues to be a hot issue and many organizations still have a hard time doing it well.

I regularly buy my beauty products at a fairly popular store. Every month for the past several years, this store has been sending out colourful cards with monthly or seasonal discounts to everyone on their mailing list. You need to present the card at the store to get your discounts and a gift. Eventually, I stopped reading the cards because they were always the same and seemed impersonal. Everyone across the country got the same card at the same time, and the discounts were rarely for products that interested me. I never felt that the cards had anything to do with me, other than the fact that I was a customer. And although I had made purchases on a number of occasions, I didn’t feel loyal to that store.

But a few weeks ago, I received a different kind of card. This time, it said that a product I had bought last year was on sale. And if I liked that product, they suggested I try a new related product.  It wasn’t a big deal, but I felt that they were addressing me, and that they had taken the time to suggest something personal that fitted my situation. They were not just sending some generic card meant for their entire customer base.

Since then, I’ve been receiving cards that are specific to my needs and I appreciate the gesture.
So yes, it’s important to personalize your customer communications, and by doing more than simply changing the name!

Here are a few things you can customize in your communications, whether they are promotional or transactional:

  • A different picture for each customer
  • Local contact information only
  • Personalized URL
  • Personalized ads

What’s the best part of all this? You can make the changes regardless of whether your mailings are sent electronically or by regular mail.  If you have a tool that helps you manage both types of communication, you can easily add the same personal touch to each.

Your customer will place greater trust in you and become loyal!

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