Disrupt: A Track Overview

One of the most difficult aspects of putting on a conference program in making sure your content is relevant and appeals to your audience.

Not only is the Xplor audience broad, but expanding in scope due to new technologies, methodologies and changes in the way we communicate.

As such we took the document life cycle, have broken in down and added a few “buckets” to create the 2012 Xplor Conference and Vendor Forum.

The 2012 event has seven tracks: Relevant Thought, Design, Execution, Results, Executives, CCM and Disrupt Technologies.

My next few blogs are going to highlight the individual tracks as they do contain sessions that you will not see or hear anywhere else, presented by the best industry experts, analysts and thought leaders.


This track actually was suggested by some of the “younger” members of the Xplor community, known as . (Stayed tuned as a special gathering at the 2012 event is being planned for our members.)

After listening I could do nothing but agree, that this was a good addition to the conference program.


Change is inevitable and it is required for survival. Rapid advancement in technology demands that we change how we do business. Whether the need is obvious or not, it is the hardest thing for people and organizations to achieve. Even if you are committed to change, where do you start and how would you get it done? Disrupt is a track about fresh ideas, new approaches, and new technologies that force change — as well as how people and organizations are able to move mountains and impact change in their organizations.

Sessions include:

  • Disrupting the Physical Mailstream: The Emergence of Digital Mailbox Services
  • Cloud Coverage: How the Cloud has Changed the Way Enterprises Look at Documents and e-Delivery
  • The ADD Desktop-Generation Zed
  • What Not to Say: Social Media for Xplorers
  • 10 Things That May Take Your Job in 2012
  • The Mail Truck vs. The Cloud: The Digital Postal Mail

The disrupt track is being held Wednesday, March 28 from 8:30 am – 3:50 pm.

For more information regarding the 2012 Xplor Conference and Vendor Forum please visit: www.tinyurl.com/844lau3

The disrupt track is one of seven being offered at the conference. There is relevant content, information and networking opportunities for everyone. I hope to see you in beautiful St. Pete Beach.

Next up:  Relevant Executive Track