Electronic Document Body of Knowledge (EDBOK)
A group of Electronic Document Professionals (EDPs) discussed the need to create a Body of Knowledge for our industry so that it could be shared and provide a roadmap for the next generation of industry professionals.

EDBOKIn addition, the group acknowledged the need for a “standard” that establishes a base level of knowledge about document application development and document production.

Anyone familiar with Xplor knows that our members are willing to share their knowledge and experience, which is unparalleled in our industry. As such, a very dedicated team of the “elite talent in the industry” was called upon to write a comprehensive set of topics that would constitute the “text book” with all the essentials in one place.

A Limited Edition was introduced and distributed at Xploration® 14 to all conference attendees as the inaugural version of the EDBOK. The expansion and evolution of technology dictates that this will be a living document with more versions in the future.


In September 2014, the First Edition of “A Guide to the Electronic Document Body of Knowledge (EDBOK™ Guide)” was released at the annual Graph Expo show in Chicago, Illinois. Copies of the EDBOK are available for purchase through the PayPal link below.

Check out the EDBOK Overview link to better understand the Body of Knowledge and all the topic explanations in detail. Here you can also check out a preview of the EDBOK First Edition. The preview link includes table of contents, acknowledgements, overview, and previews of each chapter. In addition, you can take a look at some frequently asked questions regarding the EDBOK.

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