The Flying Bus

I read an article in the paper last week about airlines significantly expanding advertising on airplanes, although airlines are no strangers to advertising with ads in the airlines magazines and commercials on the in-flight video system.

Coming to a plane near you:  Ads on overhead bins, tray tables, air sickness bags (could have fun with this), snack box lids, coffee cups, napkins, etc.

Over the summer, Ryanair, the European low-cost carrier, installed advertising panels on the covers of the overhead luggage compartments and on the backs of closed tray tables. US airlines are already offering to brand whole planes.

I think however, they have missed some key opportunities: how about footprints down the jetway with a company logo on it saying something “your journey to savings”. Or a logo on the flight attendants back or even better yet the pilot and co-pilot. (for a premium) How about a cabin “decorated by (insert name)”.  Or maybe emergency lighting courtesy of __________.

The flying bus is on the way. Does it make sense? Some airlines offer WIFI, and cell phone service may be on the way.  So the relatively captive audience today will have wired in. Maybe a couple of QR codes to scan on the way to the rest room would provide some entertainment, especially if there is a line.

Should airlines join the rest of the world and cover every inch of available space with advertising? What are your thoughts regarding losing the last bastion of “relatively free” peace and quiet?