Everyone Needs a Pat on the Back, Even Companies

Everyone likes a pat on the back occasionally, some more than others.

Experts agree that recognition and appreciations is an important part of the human DNA. Recognition inspires and fosters a positive work environment, minimizes turnover and maximizes customer satisfaction.

But why do many companies, who are made up of people, not display the collective need for recognition. So many companies are doing extraordinary things in so many areas, but do not feel the need to seek recognition and validation for their employees.

Perhaps companies have trimmed their staff so much they do not have the time to pursue recognition, however not doing so is very short-sighted.

Seeking industry recognition is actually inexpensive, not that time consuming and can paybig dividends. Industry recognition can drive your public image, increase brand awareness, validate your product or service, generate employee pride and drive revenue. Why would a company not want to do it?

For 20+ years Xplor International, as an association, has recognized companies in the electronic document space that have implemented unique solutions. I invite you to consider submitting an application for a “pat on the back” for your company and all of the innovative hardworking employees with it.

Both members and non-members are eligible for three industry awards.

  • Technology Application of the Year
  • Innovator of the Year
  • The Brian Platte Lifetime Achievement

Visit https://xplor.org/annual-awards/ for more information including a list of past recipients and to submit a nomination.

All award nominations must be submitted on the Xplor International nomination form. A summary of the nominee’s accomplishments must accompany this nomination. Please limit your nomination to 1500 words or less to be submitted in the scroll down portion of the web nomination form.

Submit your nominations by Friday, December 16, 2011.

If you have any questions, please contact Lynn Robbins, Honors and Awards, at 813 949-6170, or via e-mail at awards@xplor.org.

Everyone needs a pat on the back occasionally, even companies.