The Ultimate 1:1 Marketing Tool

A couple months ago I was walking through my dining room and noticed my daughter sitting at the table with a stack cards and envelopes in front of her. When I asked her what she was doing she replied she was “writing thank you notes for her birthday party”. After talking for a few moments I found out she needed to hand write 32 thank you cards. That is a lot of cards for a 9 year old.

For some reason my daughters efforts stuck in my mind over the next few days. When was the last time I wrote a hand written thank you note? How many email thanks you notes have I sent and how lame is it compared to a handwritten note. They are better than nothing, but it could not have the impact of a handwritten note.

Following our conference in April I decided I was going to send all 350+ attendees a personal note. It took me 2 weeks to get them done and I must admit, it was painful.

My purpose was to see if the effort to produce what could be the ultimate 1:1 marketing tool was worth it. My notes varied slightly, but I basically thanked attendees for supporting Xplor, attending the conference and hoped that I saw them at the next conference in 2012.

To my amazement dozens of people I sent notes to either sent me an email, called me or it was brought up in conversations I had with people. I am convinced is was the most effective marketing campaign we have had in a long time.

Sometimes I think we need to step back and go back to basics.

Write a couple notes, you may be surprised. (It will help the post office)

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