3 Dollars a page for print?

In many of my previous blogs I have spoken about looking at new print applications, thinking out of the box and finding applications that are value driven and demand a higher price.

The  ultimate print application

A few days ago while I was preparing to fly from Vancouver back to Tampa I ventured into the hotel business center to print my boarding pass. I have done it dozens of times across the country and never really thought about paying some fee for using the business center as it saves me time and for me it is a real value proposition.

Swiped my card, logged on, when through the checkout procedure and then clicked “print boarding pass”.

Then why did they ask me if I wanted to print it?

I immediately got the following message, nicely formatted, suitable for print, on the screen:  “This is not a boarding pass. You will need to complete your check in at the airport kiosk.” I printed the page just so I would get something for my money.

I hit continue to log off and then got the message “Would you like to print a receipt?”  I could not help but start laughing. Should I print it and cut my cost to $1.50 a page?  Or stand pat?  Final cost $3.36 with tax.

I don’t want to hear “there is no money in print”.  It is all about value added applications 🙂