Economic Indicator…. Christmas Cards?

I am trying to figure out why it seems my wife and I are receiving fewer Christmas cards
this year. After giving some thought, these are the possibilities I came up with:

  • The economy
  • More electronic email greetings
  • Facebook has made them irrelevant
  • I am getting older and more of my friends are no longer “of this world”
  • I ticked off a lot of people
  • All of the above

I must admit, I do look forward to receiving Christmas cards, especially the ones that have family pictures. It is great to see how people change and how their kids have grown in the last year.

Another reason I like picture cards is that, many of the people who send us cards we don’t see for years and it significantly increases the chances that if by chance I do run into them, I just might know who they are.

And I can’t forget to comment on the “Christmas Letters”. These narrative descriptions provide highlights of the year  and allows people an opportunity to brag a bit about their kids, which is a good thing.

On the other hand, some Christmas letters telling me about your 14 vacations, 3 new cars, the new lake house, blah, blah, blah ….. Happy for you, but really don’t want to hear about it. (Bah Humbug!)

My wife and I have forgone the Christmas letter the last couple years. With eight kids and a few grandkids the letter turned into a small novel.  And since I have 8 kids, I probably won’t ever be able to write about 14 vacations, 3 new cars and a lake house.

So my question is: Have you received more or less cards this year? Why do you think that is?

My best wishes to all of you for a Merry Christmas and a prosperous 2012. (Happy Holidays to those that do not celebrate Christmas).

Until next year.