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Not a cloud in the sky…

At Xploration™14 in March we had several sessions on the cloud. Fortunately I was able to attend a couple of them and came back with more questions than answers as to how vulnerable Xplor would be if the cloud suddenly disappeared. My conclusion to my brief sixty second assessment, we would be in deep trouble […]


Last week I returned from the Imaging Network Conference in Tucson convinced once again there is no substitution for “face timing” with peers. Not FaceTime the app, I mean the original face time. Sitting down and meeting with your peers, bending an elbow together, sharing ideas and taking discussions where virtual is incapable of going.. […]

Dear Occupant, We Are Raising The Bar!

If you are old enough to remember receiving direct mail addressed to “Dear Occupant,” you will certainly remember the astonishment and wonder when you received your first piece of “personalized mail” – Dear (insert your name here). Over time the level of text personalization increased to include things like the company you worked for, the […]

The Cloud Turns 50

Read a brief but interesting article this morning by Denise Miano entitled, “Computing in the Cloud is Trendy — but is it really the next new thing?” Denise brought up some great points and did a great job defining some of the attributes, benefits and definitions of the cloud. As she pointed out the fundamental concept of the cloud […]

Visionary or Visualist?

I am always amused when I hear someone use the word visionary, particularly since I believe that true visionaries are few and far between. According to Merriam-Webster dictionary the definition of VISIONARY is: 1: one whose ideas or projects are impractical: dreamer 2: one who sees visions : seer 3: one having unusual foresight and imagination. The first […]

This pirate looks at 30

Living in Florida most people are Parrotheads. (Jimmy Buffet fans for those of you who are not familiar) Last night as I was driving home from the office I listened to his song “A pirate looks at 40”. It is about a pirate that takes a nostalgic look at his life. It got me thinking […]