Xploration 2016

Electronic Document (BOK): Archiving & Electronic Delivery to Web and Mobile

Title:   Electronic Document (BOK): Archiving & Electronic Delivery to Web and Mobile
:  Fundamentals
Date/Time:  Wednesday April 6th – 9:30am to 10:20am
Room: Bonaire 5
Presenter: Bill Broddy, M-EDP

As we move transaction documents from ‘print and physically deliver’ to ‘electronic presentation,’ we need to preserve all of the evidentiary aspects of the earlier environment. Does the delivered document’s electronic structure have proof of authorship and time-of-issue? Is the document tamperproof? Can the issuer prove receipt? Can the recipient use the document without any encumbrances from the issuer?  Most national and state governments and courts require these to be in place under their civil codes or rules of evidence.

In addition, copies of record must be kept of any client correspondence, whether physically or electronically delivered.

This session will explain the different type of electronic formats and delivery protocols. It will also look at the emerging evidentiary rules and how well different electronic formats comply.

Attendee Takeaways:  Understand the different formats and how they stack up to the new rules for legally acceptable electronic documents.

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