Xploration 2016

Electronic Document (BOK): Data Extraction and Formats

Title: Electronic Document (BOK): Data Extraction and Formats
: Fundamentals
Date/Time: Tuesday, April 5th – 10:30am-11:20am
Room: Bonaire 5
Presenter: Bill Broddy, M-EDP, acadami

Most data within transaction documents comes from highly secured enterprise Systems of Record. These systems are live ‘general ledgers’ that are hard to extract data from, nearly impossible to add new types of data to, and protected by the highest levels of electronic and physical security. As a result, developing extraction routines for a new document can be more than half the cost of the development project.

This session will explain the nuances of the different types of data that can be used in customer communications. It will also explain the differences between ‘mainframe’ data (that represents 90% of what we need to extract), and PC data (which most ‘cloud’ platforms use). It will also explain data structures such as flat files and XML, and which work most efficiently in our environment.

Attendee Takeaways:
Achieve a better understanding of issues surrounding the use of corporate data.

 About the Presenter: Bill Broddy is president and co-founder of Acadami Group, Inc. (aka acadami), the leading provider of professional education in the electronic document space. acadami’s educational offerings are certified by Xplor International, and have produced 85% of the Electronic Document Associate designations awarded by Xplor. Bill also assists major organizations across North America with regulatory best practices, market planning, and implementation of electronic document delivery applications. Bill brings over 30 years’ experience with electronic document enabling and delivery. He is an EDP Commissioner and Course Instructor for the Canadian EDP Certification Program. Xplor International, the Electronic Document Systems Association, recognized his leadership and expertise in 2004 with their most prestigious award “Xplorer of the Year”. Bill earned his Master Electronic Document Professional (m-edp) designation in 2011.