Xploration 2016

Electronic Document (BOK): Print Streams, Manipulation & Transforms

Title:  Electronic Document (BOK): Print Streams, Manipulation & Transforms 
:  Fundamentals
Date/Time:  Tuesday April 5th – 4:00pm to 4:50pm
Room: Bonaire 5
Presenter: Bill Broddy, M-EDP

We need to produce transaction documents using many different types of print / presentation streams: AFP, PostScript, PDF, Metacode, line-print, HP/PCL, etc. Because we have been producing transaction documents for over 50 years, we have programmed them in the most suitable print stream at that time. We also deal with print streams that work properly with small documents on desktop printers but are ill-suited to production printing (and impossible to electronically view on the web or mobile devices).

We seldom have the luxury of quickly updating legacy composition programs to emit a state-of-the-art presentation stream, add a barcode, sort the documents in a different order, or emit a subset of documents in a web or mobile-friendly format. As a result we must use manipulation tools to ‘clean up’ already formatted print streams.

This session will explain the different print streams that we deal with and the history behind them. It will also explain the function provided available tools to massage or transform print and presentation streams.

Attendee Takeaways:  Understand the different presentation stream formats, the weaknesses and strengths of each, and how print stream utilities can be deployed for tactical fixes.