Xploration 2016

RFPs: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

Title:  RFPs: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly
:  For Executive Eyes Only
Date/Time:  Wednesday April 6th – 2:00pm to 2:50pm
Room: Bonaire 4
Presenter: Jerry Lazarus

The RFP process has become a challenging process for both the business units as well as the vendors. The preparation of the submission has gotten out of control and the benefit to the actual business owner has been diminished. The process has taken the qualitative values of providing customized solutions to a scoring mechanism that has depleted the value of the purpose of the RFP and is solely focused on cost drivers.

Attendee Takeaways:

  1. Has procurement gone too far and solely focused on cost savings at the expense of the business?
  2. Learn what to look for in vendor selection related to customer communications.