Sold-Out Exhibits Reported for Xploration® 16

Lutz, FL – March 29, 2016 – Xplor International, the worldwide electronic document systems association, today reported a sold-out exhibition for Xploration® 16 being held April 5-7, 2016 at the Caribe Royale Orlando in Orlando, Florida.

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By design, Xplor limits the number of exhibitors we have participating in the event. We did add a couple of additional booth spaces this year and are excited that we sold out for the sixth year in a row,” said Skip Henk, EDP, President and CEO of Xplor International. “As Xplor continues to expand its programming to accommodate new technologies and processes, I am pleased to have some new vendors join us this year as well as welcome back our returning vendors.”

Xploration 16 Vendor Forum Participants Include:

  • 360 Advanced, P.A.
  • AccuZIP, Inc.
  • Adphos North America, Inc.
  • Appvion
  • Bell and Howell, LLC
  • Broadridge Financial Solutions, Inc.
  • Canon Solutions America, Inc.
  • Compart North America
  • Content Critical Solutions
  • Crawford Technologies
  • Delphax Technologies, Inc.
  • Ecrion Software Inc.
  • EMC Corporation
  • enChoice, Inc.
  • GMC Software
  • Holland House B.V.
  • HP
  • IBM Corporation
  • Icon Communications Dynamics, Inc.
  • Kofax from Lexmark
  • Konica Minolta Business Solutions
  • Lake Image Systems
  • Level One
  • Mail-Gard
  • MCS, Inc.
  • Napersoft
  • NearStar, Inc.
  • Neopost USA
  • RenderX, Inc.
  • Riso, Inc.
  • Satori Software
  • Sefas Innovation
  • Solimar Systems
  • Transformations, Inc.
  • Xeikon
  • Xerox Corporation
  • XLPrint USA LLC

Vendors interested in exhibiting at Xploration 2017 should contact Deborah Green, Xplor’s Director of Sales, at +1-770-444-3845 or via email at

About Xploration® 16
The two-and-a-half day event is the perfect blend of educational sessions, panel discussions, general sessions, and networking events in a relaxed Florida environment. The event features 55+ Educational Sessions/Panels, THREE Keynote Sessions, 35+ Industry Partners in the Vendor Forum, Two Evening Networking Events and Two Networking Luncheons. For more information, visit the conference website: #xplor16

About Xplor International
Xplor International is a worldwide, not-for-profit professional association that consists of thousands of users and suppliers of the products and services that create, modify, and deliver customized information using a wide variety of document technologies. The association provides educational products and programs for its members and the industry at large through conferences, meetings and annual events. Xplor International has its worldwide headquarters in Lutz, Florida with affiliated offices around the world. Further information is available at


Xplor International Media Contact:
Chad Henk
Marketing Manager


Is The Tablet Becoming a Small Boat Anchor?

Is The Tablet Becoming a Small Boat Anchor? (That floats intermittently)

Last week the motherboard went out on my PC which caused the usual chaos and scrambling to find a new PC, load programs, backup files, etc. It was painful, but it too has passed.

While researching what my next PC would be I ran across several articles on the demise of the PC. In fact one of the original architects of the IBM PC team states, “Personal Computers Becoming Obsolete.” He himself has chucked his PC for a tablet.

The IBM 3270

In reading this article and others that talk about applications and data being in the magical “cloud”, I started to wonder if we are setting ourselves up for failure.

IBM_3270Not many people remember the IBM 3270, a dumb terminal that hooked up directly to a mainframe. It had no standalone computing capabilities and if the mainframe was down every 3270 hooked to it was also. In large companies that could be thousands of terminals.

Imagine what is like when you lose the internet but worse, because you can’t do anything else as there was no Microsoft Office, no applications or documents on the terminal. As a technician once described it to me ”It becomes a boat anchor that floats intermittently”, until the mainframe was back up.

What may the future hold?

You have your “tablet” in hand your applications and documents sitting on the cloud and the cloud suddenly “dissipates”.  It could be a hardware or software failure, a hacker or cyber terrorist but your tablet becomes  a smaller boat anchor (that floats intermittently), until the cloud re-appears.I thought this scenario was a farfetched at one time, I almost felt like some conspiracy guy but with all the stories of hacking and cyber terror that has emerged over the last several months, I am not so sure.

In Florida we have hurricane plans. We prepare to be without electricity for several days. You fill your gas tank, stock up on food and water, get cash from the ATM and if you are really prepared, have a generator. All in preparation for not being able to buy gas, food or get cash because of the loss of the “electricity cloud.”

As we look to empower the cloud by trusting it with all our applications and data are we setting ourselves up for failure? What is the back-up plan? Is my tablet becoming a boat anchor?