What do Beer and the Xplor Conference have in common?

I recently read an article that drinking a beer or two a day can significantly impact your health, in a good way. In fact, I was so moved by the article I popped open a beer immediately.

Yes, according to the article the “side” effects from a beer or two a day include: stronger heart, stronger bones, reduced risk of diabetes , lower blood pressure, longer life, healthier kidneys , boosted brain power, reduced cancer risk, boosted vitamin levels and reduced stroke risk.

I have said this for years that that golden nectar, barley and hops was good for you. Guess I am just a bit ahead of my time.

To read the whole article visit: http://health.yahoo.net/experts/dayinhealth/10-surprising-health-benefits-beer

This got me to thinking “what do beer and the Xplor conference have in common”. Then it came to me, both the Xplor conference and our ongoing programming is good not only for your personal well-being but your business well-being also.

  1. Xplor programming will boost your brain power as you will be armed with the latest trends andbest practices in the industry
  2. If you have the answers, know the information, you most likely will have lower your blood pressure.
  3. If armed with this knowledge and confidence you become a positive “movement” within your company, thus extending and providing a longer corporate life.
  4. Your brain is working, your blood pressure is good, things are going well which gives you a reduced stroke risk.
  5. As a result you have a longer life and live happily ever after!

For additional health benefits attend the Xplor Conference and Vendor Forum March 27-29, 2012 in beautiful St. Pete Beach, Florida.

Hurry before the organizers (that’s me) realize all of these benefits and raise the price. Think I will have a beer or two and check out the registration site. I am feeling healthier already!

See you in St. Pete Beach!