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Xplor EDP® Certification Program Modernized for Improved Certification Journey Experience

Lutz, FL – May 31, 2023 – The Xplor International EDP® Commission Board is pleased to announce the modernization of the EDP Certification program for an improved certification journey experience! The EDP Commission has updated the program’s policies and procedures to accept applications year-round, expand certification credits to include educational and knowledge sharing, and open portfolio work example submissions to be accepted through print and digital formats.

“Xplor recognizes the need to keep up with the digital expansion of the industry,” says Betsy Keplinger, M-EDP, Xplor’s EDP Commission Chair. “Our EDP Certification journey is now more flexible and accessible, with year-round applications and a broader scope of certification credits. We believe this program is not just a professional recognition but an investment in the future of the customer communications industry.”

Becoming EDP certified is a testament to ones industry skills, knowledge, and experience earning the distinguished recognition as an industry leader by Xplor International. Go to to learn more about Xplor’s industry certification programs.

With the latest updates to the EDP certification, EDP certification applications are now accepted year-round. EDP applicants need five years of industry experience and 100 certification credits, which have been expanded to include educational and industry knowledge-sharing. The EDP Certification Handbook has been updated with a sample EDP Certification schedule, checklist, and certification credits definition points table for candidates.

Just as our customer communications industry continues to evolve to support all delivery channels, the EDP Certification program now accepts the submission of candidates’ portfolio work examples in print and digital formats. If you are an existing EDP Candidate, contact your mentor today or email to learn more about the expanded portfolio submission options and discuss which method may be best for you.

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