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Who gives a tweet

At the recent XDU On the Road in Chicago I asked attendees a couple questions, which I often do, about twitter. I asked three questions: 1. Who has or has had a twitter account? 2. Who actively tweets? 3. Do you read the tweets you receive? With the theme of the 2012 XDU On the […]

Tweeted Autographs – The New Digital Souvenir

The other day I read ashort article titled: “Retweets becoming digital version of autographs”. Being a collector for years of sports memorabilia (hopefully to put in my sports bar one day), I was trying to figure out how the new “digital autographs” will work and what their value is. The article Forget standing in line […]

Xplor International Welcomes 2012 Board Of Directors

The old and the new…. Associations are driven by leadership with Xplor being no different. At this years conference the International Board of Directors voted to add three directors with the sole purpose of bringing in “new blood”, particularly “new YOUNG blood”. I certainly applaud the decision. Our Board is made up of volunteers, who […]

Lunch and Learn, information at its best!

Yesterday was the April edition of the monthly “Lunch and Learn” program entitled More QR/AR Fun. Moderator, and industry veteran, Pat McGrew, was her brilliant and charismatic self and once again assembled a great panel of industry experts. The program, entering its 4th year continues to gain momentum and expand. What is unique about the […]

Virtual Versus Real Time

As I reflect a bit on the events of the last few days here in St Pete Beach I sigh a bit of relief that the 2012 Conference and Vendor Forum is over, but at the same time feel a sense of loss. Over the last several years I have seen diminishing “face to face” […]

Tasty Presentations?

Xplor events have always been known for networking and specifically “breaking bread” over lunches and evening networking events. This year however, food is actually creeping into the conference content. Two very interesting presentations evolve around food and how they relate to our industry. These sessions are destined to be a hit, knowing most people’s appreciation […]

QR Codes dead already?

At the upcoming Xplor conference I will be the moderator for a panel entitled “Are QR Codes Dead?” Whether you believe they are or not, it is interesting to me that it is even the topic at a conference. Seems a bit soon, or maybe not. A bit of history … 2D barcodes have been […]

Why Xplor is more than just a name

Two of the most difficult questions as President and CEO of Xplor:  What is Xplor and why should I become a part of it? Seems odd as one would think that as the President/CEO of the association for the last seven years the words would just roll off the tip of my tongue. Many times they […]

Disrupt: A Track Overview

One of the most difficult aspects of putting on a conference program in making sure your content is relevant and appeals to your audience. Not only is the Xplor audience broad, but expanding in scope due to new technologies, methodologies and changes in the way we communicate. As such we took the document life cycle, have broken in down […]

The Kodak Bankruptcy … a commentary from Xplor’s President

Everyone knows Kodak filed for Chapter 11 re-organization.  Based on the number of emails and calls I received, I surmise some people think I live under a rock. Why was anyone surprised, as hints of the action have been in the media for months? As a former Kodak employee, (Kodak Versamark) I am certainly saddened, […]