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Understanding CCM

Every couple of years a new buzz word, phrase or three letter acronym sneaks into the vernacular of our industry.  In most cases the terms are broad and ill defined. Such is the case with CCM (Customer Communications Management). It is one those things, where everybody thinks it is a great idea, but most people […]

The Keynote ….

One of the “funnist” (as my daughter would say) and most challenging tasks in putting on a conference is selecting a keynote speaker. If you have unlimited funds, the choice is endless as almost any famous person that you ever heard of is willing to speak for 45-60 minutes for a price. Even Donald Trump […]

The Kodak Bankruptcy … a commentary from Xplor’s President

Everyone knows Kodak filed for Chapter 11 re-organization.  Based on the number of emails and calls I received, I surmise some people think I live under a rock. Why was anyone surprised, as hints of the action have been in the media for months? As a former Kodak employee, (Kodak Versamark) I am certainly saddened, […]

Why attend a pre-conference program?

Every year thousands of people attend conference programs looking to learn about the latest trends, best practices and technologies driving our industry.  Many attend as they also look at the  opportunity to expand their business and personal networks. Everyone wants to walk away with that one idea, that one nugget, the contact that can drive […]

What do Beer and the Xplor Conference have in common?

I recently read an article that drinking a beer or two a day can significantly impact your health, in a good way. In fact, I was so moved by the article I popped open a beer immediately. Yes, according to the article the “side” effects from a beer or two a day include: stronger heart, […]

Merriments, Milestones and Motion for Xplor in 2012

Happy New Year! I hope all of you had a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and enjoyable New Years. It would be understatement to say that 2011 was an interesting year and that most people hope 2012 will be more prosperous. Like most organizations 2011 was a challenging but successful one for Xplor. Despite everything that […]

Economic Indicator…. Christmas Cards?

I am trying to figure out why it seems my wife and I are receiving fewer Christmas cards this year. After giving some thought, these are the possibilities I came up with: The economy More electronic email greetings Facebook has made them irrelevant I am getting older and more of my friends are no longer […]

Technology “bah-humbug”?

At a Christmas party I attended last weekend a discussion evolved about the “curse” of Google and the accessibility of information children have today. Being a “glass half full” person my position quickly morphed into supporting the availability of information and the fact that like anything, it can be a blessing or a curse, depending […]

Why do people wait? Please help me sleep!

As a purveyor of fine conference programming there are several things that cause organizers angst as the months and days count down before an event. The top “anxiety” revolves around how many people are going to attend. No matter how big or small the event, everything revolves around people.  Like anything else it is all […]

Everyone Needs a Pat on the Back, Even Companies

Everyone likes a pat on the back occasionally, some more than others. Experts agree that recognition and appreciations is an important part of the human DNA. Recognition inspires and fosters a positive work environment, minimizes turnover and maximizes customer satisfaction. But why do many companies, who are made up of people, not display the collective […]