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Being Part of The Community: Oce’ North America

Last week I had the honor to attend the OCE FUTURE AUTHORS PROJECT book signing in Boca Raton Raton, Florida. I make the drive to South Florida each year and attending this event never gets old. In its 7th year the Océ Future Authors Project, is a free program offered to middle and high school […]

Changing the World

Decided I wanted to write this week about someone in our industry who is changing the world. Literally, one person at a time. In my many years being associated with Xplor I have met some incredible people, people that have changed how the world communicates. I have also people who have worked to change the […]

Congratulations to the Graphic Arts Show Company

Well the Graph Expo 2012 is history, and the Graphic Arts Show Company should be extremely pleased with the results. I had the opportunity to see Ralph Nappi and Chris Price on the show floor and both had this kind of “Cheshire Cat” look on their face of satisfaction. Attendance on Sunday, was the best […]

Is gopost the future for rural America?

At a recent PCC Day (Postal Customer Council) in Tampa, the USPS spent some time reviewing a pilot program called gopost.  Although designed for package delivery it does not take too much imagination to envision this expanding to mail delivery. In a nutshell, the post office places automated secured parcel lockers in convenient locations. You […]

Graph Expo … Three Don’t Miss Opportunities

With Graph Expo just two weeks away I am amazed at the “buzz” being generated through the print, email and social media. Talking with Chris Price, VP of the Graphic Arts Show Company, he is anticipating a great show. Here are three “don’t miss” opportunities: Xplor at Graph Expo: a half day seminar featuring industry […]

The Typewriter Breathes New Life

A couple weeks ago I read an article in our local newspaper, the Tampa Tribune that I thought would be fun to write about. The article talked about how consumers are “embracing the past” looking for old telephones, Airstream travel trailers and typewriters. The article notes: “We see this as a manifestation of objectifying objects, […]

Who gives a tweet

At the recent XDU On the Road in Chicago I asked attendees a couple questions, which I often do, about twitter. I asked three questions: 1. Who has or has had a twitter account? 2. Who actively tweets? 3. Do you read the tweets you receive? With the theme of the 2012 XDU On the […]

Neopost Purchases GMC Software

There has been a lot of chatter the last couple weeks about the acquisition of GMC Software by Neopost. (The Xplor LinkedIn Group has certainly been a buzz) After receiving many calls and emails asking what my thoughts are on the subject, I figured I would chime in. I certainly was not surprised that GMC […]

Is the demise of QR greatly exaggerated or a lesson for marketers?

RIP QR Codes????? ….. Really????? One of the things I enjoy most about new technologies and processes is the ongoing debate of their validity, acceptance and predictions of their demise. QR codes are certainly not exempt from the discussion. In an article sent to me by Mark Bonacorso of Media Ink (Xplor’s PR company) that […]

The Cloud Turns 50

Read a brief but interesting article this morning by Denise Miano entitled, “Computing in the Cloud is Trendy — but is it really the next new thing?” Denise brought up some great points and did a great job defining some of the attributes, benefits and definitions of the cloud. As she pointed out the fundamental concept of the cloud […]