Xploration 2016

Electronic Document (BOK): What is a Transaction Document?

Title: Electronic Document (BOK): What is a Transaction Document?
: Fundamentals
Date/Time: Tuesday, April 5th – 8:30am-9:20am
Room: Bonaire 5
Presenters: Bill Broddy, M-EDP

Front and center in the delivery of transaction documents is compliance. For over 50 years, our industry has converted data into formal documents that must be legally presented to external parties. The information must be correct, understandable and delivered on time. Any misstep in the process can jeopardize the evidentiary weight of the issued document; potentially leading to customer dissatisfaction, regulatory intervention, fines, and sanctions. The process to create these legally relevant documents is very complex, as outlined in A Guide to the Electronic Document Body of Knowledge™. The Electronic Document BOK: Production Workflow Basics track explains, and expands upon, the EDBOK Guide. Each session will cover one of the steps in the workflow, from data to delivery. This session will highlight the purpose of these documents in commerce, some of the current and emerging regulation governing their issuance, and their future growth and metamorphosis. It will also look at how to exploit more effective customer communications without jeopardy.

Attendees will expect to learn how to improve your knowledge with experienced views on best
practices, pitfalls and successes of the delivery of legally relevant correspondence.


About the Presenter: Bill Broddy is president and co-founder of Acadami Group, Inc. (aka acadami), the leading provider of professional education in the electronic document space. acadami’s educational offerings are certified by Xplor International, and have produced 85% of the Electronic Document Associate designations awarded by Xplor. Bill also assists major organizations across North America with regulatory best practices, market planning, and implementation of electronic document delivery applications. Bill brings over 30 years’ experience with electronic document enabling and delivery. He is an EDP Commissioner and Course Instructor for the Canadian EDP Certification Program. Xplor International, the Electronic Document Systems Association, recognized his leadership and expertise in 2004 with their most prestigious award “Xplorer of the Year”. Bill earned his Master Electronic Document Professional (m-edp) designation in 2011.