Improving the Customer Experience through Better Document Management

Submitted by Alexandra Truchot, Content Creation Specialist for Objectif Lune.
June 24, 2016

Every organization produces an endless stream of documents. And the more your business grows, the more documents you produce. So managing all those documents becomes very complicated.  And it often negatively affects the customer experience.

It becomes even more complicated because the documents are on a variety of media and have to be sent through different channels (mail, Internet, email, EDI, etc.). Document management becomes a huge puzzle! It takes an incredible amount of time and frustrates employees, as well as customers who don’t understand why it’s taking so long to get an answer.

When it comes to answering customer queries, a single employee spends an average of two- and-a- half hours a week looking for information. Moreover, searches are carried out using, on average, three different content managers (all types of media included). It’s no surprise that most employees find it painful!

When you call Customer Service, do you appreciate being put on hold for several minutes before getting an answer to your seemingly easy question?

Automate your document workflow
Automating your document workflow is a must and helps centralize your information. If you don’t automate, having a content management system (ECM) will not be enough because you won’t have the ease and flexibility of using and sending your documents as you please.

Besides, you should be able to manage your documents regardless of delivery channel or medium. In other words, it shouldn’t be difficult to send an invoice to a customer by email, and save it in XML in your archives, even if you’ve received the initial invoice information on paper.

By automating your document workflow, you can cut down on costs, not only by reducing printing but by enhancing productivity and minimizing errors.

Facilitate communications with your customers
Imagine each time you receive a purchase order, no matter which channel it comes through, the document is captured and automatically saved in your systems. You can then retrieve the data needed to complete the order process. At the same time, you can save it in the proper file so that when your customers call to talk about their purchases, you’ll quickly know where to find the information, whether they’re calling one week or six months after making the purchase!

Now picture your delivery confirmations being automatically saved in your company’s content management system each time you deliver a product to a customer. At any time, you would be able to easily prove that the delivery was made, and more importantly, you wouldn’t have to chase after your drivers when a PO goes astray or is illegible.

You would be able to provide quality service to your customers throughout the purchase cycle.

Are you thinking that automating these steps is complicated? Or that this kind of solution is only for large businesses?
Think again—document management can be much simpler and help you as your business expands!

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